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Design Management | Director, eLearning Savannah College of Art & Design

What the sketchbooks of architect Sou Fujimoto taught me about how the brain can think on paper

I’ll open with an asterisk that should float alongside while reading: I have zero credibility on topics related to neuroscience. My sources go no deeper than the shelves of your local Barnes & Noble. (If there is a neuroscientist out there who would like to study design drawing and the brain please do get in touch.)

Every designer who has completed a degree in product design can share stories about the volume of sketching he or she had to do to become capable of quickly visualizing something on paper so that others can understand the vision. For most people, this…

What behaviors, processes and opinions predictably lead to good design?

What makes a designer good? This is a question designers should continually ask themselves throughout their careers, no matter which discipline(s) of design they practice. How the question can be answered and returned to can be designed itself. For me, two important parts of engaging with this question include: first, which behaviors and attitudes do I observe in others or practice myself that create the conditions for great design? and second, which new insights are either challenging or adding to those previous ideas as I move forward? Answering the question should be a dynamic, evolving process.

There is a big…

Christopher Scott

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